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Upcoming Auction
September 19

Selling Method

Our public auctions are among the most well – expected events in the field of collectors and they enjoy great respect in Greece & abroad. It is our conviction that the best development of the collective material achieved through our auctions.


  1. You can bring your collections or valuable single items to our offices in Salonica, or by appointment in your area. Most convenient is to send the material by Post (courier) after phone conversation.

  2. Items are recorded in triplicate acknowledgments lots and sale contracts with their descriptions, sorted and formed into lottery auction.

  3. We are interested just like you in selling your material at the highest possible prices. The vendor settles starting prices after the consultative opinion of our estimator.

  4. We inform the vendors for the lot numbers within 15 days before the auction.

  5. Settlement of the auction lots, payment in full and return of the unsold lots (if any) made 30 days after the auction day.

Also, we buy direct collections and individual items after objective evaluation by our estimator at the best realistic prices.