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Upcoming Auction
September 19

Purchasing Methods

This guide describes how you can submit your bid in our auction.


In awarding value is added a supply rate of 18% and 0,50 euro per ticket, and the analogs including 24% VAT of charges. The winning lots are delivered to the buyer to pay the entire value. Purchasers mail sent lottery tickets for delivery by adding the postal expenses.

Participation in the auction implies full acceptance of the general auction terms..

Keep in mind that offers unlimited - buy - buy at best etc. Are valid until 10 times the starting price.

Via Fax

Download to your compute the Bid form, fill it and send it by fax to +30 2310 253 668.

Via faitatzis.gr

Next to each ticket, in our online catalog , there is the icon "Bid". Clicking the icon opens a window where you can submit your Bid for this ticket. The raffle is added to the basket and the number of items in your cart increases by one as shown in the following figure:

Image1. Add to cart

At any time you can go to your cart to see what tickets you add, remove tickets or even empty it completely, as shown in the following figure:

Image 2. View Cart

By clicking the "Finish Bidding" will request your details and you will be given the opportunity to consider your offer once again:

Image 3. Confirm Offer

Fill in your details so we can contact you and click "Finish Bidding". We will immediately receive your order and a copy will be sent to the email address you provided.

If you have any problems you can contact us at [email protected] or phone +30 2310237480.